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Clay Roofing Tiles

Having a home is the biggest investment in our lives. Whereas the roof of the home is considered the crown of the home. It should be built with quality material as well as look aesthetically pleasing. Roofs are not merely important for the aesthetic appeal of the home, but they also show the heritage and culture of a locality.

Considering all of the above factors, Sheltertech India has partnered with industry leader La Escandella, a European clay roof tile manufacturer. Clay roofing tiles supplied by Sheltertech India are not only capable of enhancing the beauty of your home but provide great support to the overall structure.

La Escandella India’s clay roofing tiles are durable and able to withstand anything. These clay roof tiles are built with sustainable roofing materials in India. Making them a perfect choice for Indian weather and varying climates.

We provide clay roof tiles that are suitable for all kinds of modern buildings whether it is a house, villa, or commercial building. Clay roofing tiles look equally attractive on all kinds of roof slopes. Ceramic roofing tiles are great for modern as well as traditional roofing designs.

Do you know why clay roof tiles are preferred for centuries? Because they are the most durable form of roofing tiles. Ceramic roofing tiles offer protection during all weather conditions.

In addition to being such amazing roofing material, these tiles can last longer than other roofing materials. Once installed, a roof will be protected for years to come. That makes clay roofing tiles installation the most cost-effective option for all kinds of properties.

Are You A Builder, Exterior Designer, Or Architect?

You must use clay roofing tiles in building your customer’s homes. It is a one-time investment and provides lifelong satisfaction. It means they don’t need to do anything else to prevent high energy consumption. They can save huge on the energy bills just by opting for the clay roof tiles.

Sheltertech India’s partnership with La Escandella India has offered a wide range of roofing materials in India. That means homeowners, builders, and architects now have a plethora of options when it comes to enhancing the roofs. The clay roofing tiles are not just limited to residential projects. Instead, these tiles are best for commercial, industrial, as well as restoring old monuments.

SIPL has made it possible for you to choose among various sizes, colours, and designs of clay tiles. That ensures every need is met of our customers. Our range of clay tiles consists of H-selection, Mediterranean, vertical roofing, solar tiles, and other clay products.

Advantages Of Clay Roof Tiles

  • Needs zero maintenance
  • Clay roofing tiles have a lifespan of 100 years
  • Ceramic roofing tiles are UV resistant
  • Makes any building unique in terms of looks
  • Provides insulation to the homes from UV rays
  • Clay tiles also provide sound insulation to the home
  • Are environment-friendly and sustainable
  • La Escandella India roofing tiles and other roofing products make it easier to proceed with the installation and building of the home everyone desires. If you need more information about La Escandella India roofing tiles supplied by Sheltertech India, give us a call today!

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