Rain Gutter System

Luxron Gutter System takes full advantage of the rainfall patterns by tapping nature’s free resource when there is rain, to be collected, filtered, stored, and re-cycled for use for example watering of gardens, flushing of toilets and etc. Furthermore it is easy to install and simple to maintain, hassle-free yet effective supply of harvested rainwater that saves water costs whilst helping the environment. Should its storage tank run dry during periods of heavy usage, it will automatically switches to the mains without disruption in water supply.

Luxron is a high quality non-metallic Gutter System manufactured at Japan. It is highly modular, stylish while being very durable and aesthetically pleasing for most of the architectural types.The unique weather resistant coating makes it ideal for long lasting and maintenance free installations without color fading on UV exposure from sun.The best feature of Luxron range of gutters is its super-fast and easy installation