Agri Hail Net

The anti-hail net, as well as the shading net, is the most important element of the protection system, therefore it must be made using high quality materials and realized with the best technique in order to obtain a very light but resistant and durable sheet. Plastic monofilament is used for weaving the anti-hail net. This material is made by extrusion, melting and passing high density polyethylene (HDPE) through perforated grills (extruders). The wire is thermo-stabilized, or rather it is heated in order to reduce all retractions that plastic materials exposed to heat sources have (even moderate). Different sized diameter wires can be extruded and, consequently, it is possible to obtain materials with different resistance. Wire used by our manufacturer to weave anti-hail nets has a 0.31 mm diameter; this diameter guarantees a resistance of at least 3 kg per wire. This means that anti-hail net is capable of withstanding very consistent hails.